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Shad Mahara

The Shad Mahara is one of the fastest vehicles available in the Liberty Isle ecosystem.Prior to Liberty Isle District One deployment, we will conduct a snapshot of your wallet to validate winners. All key holders will receive an official fully customizable Shad Mahara.Additional Utility: Key holders are automatically grant listed for future vehicles Key holders are automatically added to all future automobile raffles for a chance for more giveaways. Join The Official Discord Today!

The Golden Touch Spatula

The Golden Touch Spatula (GTS) is a prestigious community badge is that only issued to the top chefs in the Neighborhood Tales community. Whoever participates in a Neighborhood Cook Off and wins will receive this POAP & a $25 gift card to a restaurant of their choice (based on participating restaurants).GTS Holders are also able to use their Spatula at IRL events for one free meal and 2 free drinks!Additional Utility TBA: Join The Official Discord Today!

Neighbors Only Cinema Pass

The Neighborhood Cinema Pass is available exclusively to Neighborhood Tales community members. Community members can earn the Neighborhood Cinema Pass by participating and winning movie Trivia's or by participating in Neighborhood Movie Nights.Movie Night winners are chosen at random! Each winner will receive 2 free movie tickets to a local participating cinema. 

Additional Utility: Neighborhood Cinema Pass Holders also gain VIP access to selected Neighborhood Tales IRL events! Join the official discord today so you don't miss out on any free giveaways!

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