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Coming soon for PC

Join the Liberty Isle ecosystem to regain power to the community from the evil Steven "Ceaser" Press and become the top player.

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Welcome to Liberty Isle 

Neighborhood Tales is a 10,000-piece NFT collection of unique, AI generated Neighbors that represent the survivors of the Liberty Isle Experiments conducted by Steven “Caesar” Press and his evil corporation Genmod Inc. Each 1st generation Neighbor are the matriarchs and patriarchs responsible of breeding the generation that’s sole purpose is to recapture Liberty Isle, the capital city of the ever expanding new metaverse where the NeighborHood Tales NFT collection can be used, customized, loaned out, traded and sold.


Built in the Unreal Engine Liberty Isle displays great visuals and gameplay for users to have the best gaming experience.

Vehicle Ownership 

Buy vehicles as assets add them to your wallet as NFTs and sell or rent them to the Liberty Isle community. 

Digital Real Estate

Own digital real estate in Liberty Isle and add it to your wallet as a NFT, resell your property or rent the space to Liberty Isle renters.

Breeding Facility 

Breed your first generation 2D NFTs to create your 3D second generation avatar for gameplay in Liberty Isle.

3D World

Use your 3D avatars in the Liberty Isle metaverse to earn Tales tokens and build your assets in the play to earn game experience.

Liberty Isle Online

Play online and compete with players from all over the world for dominance, control and power in Liberty Isle.

Gaming Development 

Liberty Isle development is creating a gaming experience to give users limitless access to gameplay.

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