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10,000 Unique NFTs looking to
liberate the metaverse


Neighborhood Tales is a NFT collection of 10,000 survivors from the Liberty Isle Experiments conducted by Steven “Caesar '' Press and Genmod Inc. That’s 10,000 Patriarchs and Matriarchs from various, diverse Neighborhoods in Liberty Isle, who have escaped the clutches of Genmod Inc. and fled to the outskirts of Liberty Isle. They remain there until their offspring are born, at which point they will band together in an effort to recapture Liberty Isle and overthrow Caesar.


Liberty Isle is the open world metaverse and hybrid 3rd person MMORPG where 2nd Generation Neighbors will be Liberty Isle enabled. This means you can drop your custom, 2nd Generation Neighbor into the game and use it for in-game playing. Each Neighbor will have individual characteristics that unlock special skills within Liberty Isle. Liberty Isle promotes ownership and entrepreneurship by allowing neighbors to recapture it by buying, selling and renting real estate. It also teaches the user about various economic prosperity tools which can be applied in the real world.  Liberty Isle will have 3 game modes, Story Mode, Builder Mode and Rogue Mode. In Liberty Island you can do anything or be anyone; your only limit is your own imagination.

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Caesar worked with Mayor Vincent Lindo to create a new law that would ban human reproduction without a permit from Liberty Isle officials. Now, the only way to procreate is by taking the DNA of 2 parents and breeding them in Genmod’s breeding facility. This would keep the human population controlled and create a productive society and manageable work force for the diabolic rulers. Caesar and Mayor Lindo also touted the idea of preventing global warming by decreasing the emissions created by the once over-populated cities.

Genmod Inc's breeding facility will allow Neighbor Holders with 1 Male & 1 Female Neighbor to breed them, creating the 2nd generation of Neighbors. This 2nd generation of Neighbors will be 3-Dimensional and functional in Liberty Isle as a customizable, playable avatar.

example of 2nd generation Neighbor

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Genmod Inc.’s sole purpose is to create the perfect human with perfect genetic sequences. They vowed to end all sickness and diseases, to extend the human lifespan, and to, essentially, create super humans - the next step in human evolution. Genmod Inc. conducted illegal and unethical genetic experiments on Liberty Isle residents against their own will, and many of those Neighbors, who were once human, became human-animal hybrids with super human/animal-like abilities.



In order to make the Neighborhood Tales Grant Listing you must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be an active member in the Neighborhood Tales Discord Group before it reaches 2000 Members 


  • Must be an active ranking of 1-500


  • Must have invited 5 or more new Neighbors 

  • 2,500 Neighbors are available for presale to early arrivers in our Neighborhood Tales Discord. Presale price will be 0.125 ETH.

  • Maximum of 500 members can become grantlisted; there will be a wallet mint limit of five (5) Neighbors per wallet. These Neighbors are the first wave of escapees from Steven (Caesar) Press’ multi-dimensional domination throughout the metaverse. These escapees are the survivors of Caesar’s unethical experiments on the Neighbors. They also possess the ability to unlock future mintable assets, such as real estate, apparel, vehicles, weapons, etc., within the Liberty Isle ecosystem. Unsold Neighbors from the first wave of escapees will be available for purchase in the public sale.

  • The Grant Listed presale will go on for 3 and 1/2 days in order to prevent gas wars. On the 4th day, Neighborhood Tales will commence the countdown to the Main Public Launch date and announce the charity which will be the recipient of our $10,000 donation.

  • The remaining 5,500 Neighbors of Liberty Isle are jubilated and ready to go to war on main launch, which will commence 7 days after the pre-sale ends, allowing grant-listed users time to celebrate the liberation and ownership of their new asset(s). Upon main launch, these remaining 5,500 Neighbors will take the final step to escaping, as the minting process ensures their freedom from the constraints of Caesar’s evil experiments. The Main Launch price for each Neighbor is 0.175 ETH



40% Sold


  • The first 100 Pre-sale minters will receive, via airdrop, a free digital sweatsuit for customizing their 2nd generation 3D Neighbor.


  • The first 50 Pre-sale Minters will receive, in addition to the digital sweatsuit, a free Neighborhood Tales t-shirt, sent via USPS. 


  • Neighborhood Tales will be listed on Rarity


  • Celebrity Partnership to be revealed

75% Sold


  • Number 1 ranking member in our Neighborhood Tales Discord will receive $10,000 (Must own at least 2 Neighbors)

  • 2nd & 3rd Ranking Members in Neighborhood Tales Discord will each receive $5,000 (Must own at least 2 Neighbors)


  • A custom-curated collection of Meta-Weapons created by Caesar’s team will be distributed to those that are holding Neighbors at the time of the wallet snapshot date. Each wallet will receive an airdrop of a randomly selected class A or Class B weapon. This airdrop will commence a countdown until the game is live. When this happens, holders can finally unleash their inner desires, choosing to be either a Builder of the Metaverse or a Bringer of Mass Destruction.


  • Additional Celebrity Partnership to be revealed

100% Sold


  • Get Interdimensional recognition and credibility through verification on Opensea


  • Top 750 discord members will receive limited edition Meta-AR chains, for use in customizing your Neighbor in the Liberty Isle metaverse or wearing it yourself via an  Augmented Reality application.


  • The Neighbor Breeding process will begin. All wallets containing a male and female Neighbor bought during Pre-sale can begin breeding their 3D Neighbors. These 3D Neighbors will function as your Avatar(s) for P2E gaming in Liberty Isle.

  • One lucky holder who’s wallet contains 3 or more Neighbors will receive $1,000 per month for one year.


  • One lucky wallet holder, who owns 5 or more Neighbors, will receive a BRAND NEW  2022 Mercedes Benz A 220 4MATIC Sedan


  • 4th & 5th Ranking Members in Neighborhood Tales Discord will each receive $5,000 (Must own at least 2 Neighbors)


  • Neighborhood Tales announces and distributes $10,000 donation to 2nd charitable organization


  • Countdown to Liberty Isle Launch


  • Anyone owning 4 or more Neighbors at the time of snapshot will receive 1 free Liberty Isle residential property


  • 3rd Celebrity partnership revealed


  • TALES tokens (Liberty Isle Native Currency) randomly airdropped to wallets that hold neighbors shortly before launch of Liberty Isle


  • Road Map 2.0 Reveal

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Land ownership is one of the most important tools in economic strength and stability. Neighbors will be able to purchase houses, apartments and corporate offices and buildings within Liberty Isle. These can be used as spawn points, to revitalize health and as a tool to generate passive income.



Smaller Official Currency Libery Isle NFT .gif

There are currently 1.5 Billion Tales Tokens on the Binance Smart Chain and it will first debut for trading on Pancake Swap. Neighbors can purchase Tales Tokens and use them in the game to purchase weapons, real estate, digital fashion, vehicles, water vehicles, aircrafts etc. Tales Tokens can also be traded like any other crypto currency.


NHT mobile app.png

The Neighborhood Tales Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Enabled Dapp Wallet will be available free for mobile and web-browser download. This wallet can be used as a safe storage wallet for your TALES tokens, Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT, USDC and many other BEP20, ERC20, ERC721 & Polygon assets. You can also store all of your Neighborhood Tales NFTs on the Neighborhood Tales wallet. 


The app will also allow Neighborhood Tales NFT holders to use their 3D Neighbors with Augmented Reality; users will be able to sync their Neighbor’s facial expressions and body movements to mimic what they are doing in real life via augmented reality technology built into the app. In addition, Neighbor owners will be able to use their NFT wearables, such as digital clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc., on themselves via AR, enabling an unforgettable metaverse experience.


Lastly, Neighbors can export their 3d neighbors as .blend, .obj, .fbx, or .glb files in order to use them for commercial purposes in animation, promotional or advertising campaigns. Neighbor holders have 100% commercial rights to their Neighbors!


Earn real money by playing Liberty Isle. In traditional video games, players earn in-game tokens or cash and can only use them in the game. Not in Liberty Isle! In Liberty Isle, the tokens you earn can be exchanged on the crypto market or held by the user as a hedge against other global currencies. 


Neighbors who aren’t into gaming can choose to rent their avatars out to other gamers who haven’t had the opportunity to purchase their own. Guest users will pay a rental fee plus a percentage of all in-game earnings to the NFT owner. This allows the renter access to Neighbors at much lower prices, while allowing Neighbor holders to earn income while they sleep!

Cjozz Neighnprhood character commissionPNG.png


More than just games and prizes, Neighborhood Tales aims to provide knowledge, experience, and tools that users can apply in the real world. Come join our Neighborhood for the opportunity to financially advance your life, all while playing games and winning prizes such as digital & tangible apparel & accessories, in-game weapons, vehicles & real estate, cash & crypto, cars and much more!


Shortly before the official release of Liberty Isle, we will make available for purchase a variety of classes of vehicles, from compact cars to exotic cars, and everything in between. Here is a sample of a type of  vehicle that will be available for purchase in Liberty Isle.



Business Development

Lifes Good .png
Adil The Artist.png


Lead Art Director

Life J.

Storyline Writer

B dot Strick .png


Merchandise Manager/Moderator


Administrative Director



Technical Officer

Jaser The Coder (1).png


Chief Technical Officer



NFT Lead Director

Ms Tate.png


Administrative Assistant

Big Poppa.png

Big Poppa

Storyline Contributor

Tony Nuggs.png


Lead Musical Director


JD Jones

Public Speaker

Young Muda

Economic Analyst


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